Transport sector

More than 16% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the transport sector. Oladgen works with partners to undertake various initiatives to reduce GHG emissions related to the transport sector.

We provide consultancy services for businesses and other public transportation agencies to support the transition to electricity and other clean fuels.

Clean alternative fuels

We provide service in developing and implementing clean alternative fuels projects such as compressed natural gas (CNG), biodiesel, electrofuels, and other low–emission technologies.

Carbon Offsetting for Travel

We collaborate with partners to develop carbon offset projects in the transportation sector, allowing companies and individuals to offset their travel emissions.

Cyclic and pedestrian infrastructure

We advocate for and offer advisory services in infrastructure improvements that support sustainable transportation such as bike lanes, pedestrian and EV charging stations.

We provide services in the development of bike-sharing programs and friendly urban planning.

Research and data analysis

We conduct research on local transportation system, patterns, emissions, and environmental impacts.

Our data analysis can be utilized to inform decision making in sustainable transportation infrastructure designing, and design targeted interventions.