Clean Cookstoves

Clean cookstoves refer to stoves that use clean fuels to produce energy. It can also refer to stoves with improved or high energy efficiency that results in improved performance and less or no emissions at all.

Ethanol cookstove
Renewable ethanol clean cookstove

Ethanol cookstoves prove a high-performance

Oladgen ethanol stoves received good feedback during the first launch of “bio-ethanol as fuel” for household cooking in support of the clean cooking initiative.

The Clean Cooking Initiative is the national campaign in the fight against climate change that aims to bring to an end the use of biomass (especially charcoal and wood) as the main source of cooking energy in Africa.

Many families who were dependent on charcoal and wood have started using ethanol cookstoves. The stoves have proven to have a high performance, improved indoor air quality, and have shown a significant economic impact on users.

All families engaged during the first batch were satisfied with the technology. Furthermore, they testified that the transition has proven to be cost-effective in comparison to charcoal and wood, time-saving and clean.

A complete combustion of renewable ethanol on an ethanol cookstove

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