Renewable Energies

1. Renewable energies solutions

We develop and implement renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power to reduce fossil fuel dependence and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

We also offer consulting services to businesses, organizations, and individuals to help them in the transition to renewable energy sources.

2. Energy efficiency consulting

We help companies and individuals navigate through their energy consumption, we offer energy optimization services and reduce energy consumption to limit carbon footprint.

We work towards making buildings, industrial processes, and transportation more energy-efficient.

3. Carbon offsetting / Carbon trading

We provide carbon trading services and offset solutions to businesses and individuals who wish to offset or compensate for their carbon footprint by investing in projects that avoid or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

We develop and manage carbon offset projects that generate verifiable and additional emission reductions or removals. This may involve projects related to renewable energy, afforestation, reforestation, clean cooking initiatives, CCUS, and other activities that contribute to emission reduction.